Melvin F. Lazar

Melvin Lazar

Mr. Lazar has served as one of our directors from his appointment in November 2003 until May 2011 and since his re-appointment in December 2011. Mr. Lazar is the founder of Lazar Levine & Felix LLP, certified public accountants, was its managing partner from 1969 until 2002, and continued as an employee of the firm, now known as Baker Tilly, LLC, until his retirement in 2014. Mr. Lazar specializes in business valuations and merger and acquisition activities. Mr. Lazar serves on the Board of Directors of Active Media Services, Inc., a privately-held corporate trading company and is a former Chairman of the Audit Committee of Enzo Biochem, Inc., a publicly-held biotechnology company.

As the managing partner of a certified public accounting firm for over 30 years and a former member of the audit committees of a public biotechnology company and a private corporate trading company, Mr. Lazar has extensive accounting and financial expertise in a variety of industries, which led the Board of Directors to conclude that he should serve as our director and as Chair of the Audit Committee.

Financial Expert