William C. Green

William Green

Mr. Green has served as one of our directors since February 2012. Mr. Green currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer and a principal of Ginkgo Investment Company (“Ginko”), Ginkgo Residential and affiliates, which are focused on providing acquisition, construction management, accounting and asset management services to multifamily properties. Additionally, Mr. Green is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Ginkgo REIT, Inc., a non-traded real estate investment trust. Prior to that, Mr. Green held senior level positions within Starwood Capital, Wachovia Securities and Banc of America Securities where he focused exclusively on commercial real estate capital markets and commercial real estate asset management activities. Mr. Green is also a director for Ginkgo REIT, Inc. and is a director of Royal Oak Realty Trust. In March 2013, Mr. Green was appointed to serve as Lead Director. See “Corporate Governance Profile — Role of the Lead Director” for further information.

Mr. Green’s leadership experience at several organizations provides him with insight and expertise on the real estate, banking and financial services industries in general, which led the Board of Directors to conclude that he should serve as our director.

Independent Director